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Memorabilia 4
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I hope you're having a nice day. A recently unearthed slide might be of interest to you as it depicts my mate VCJ Pilcher with part of the butterfly/moth collection,which I'm fairly sure used to be in the library,and was large and extensive and housed in a proper lepidopterists cabinet. So what happened to that then? Viv is wearing the legendary light blue aertex short sleeve number. I wonder if it still fits him. I think he lives Canterbury way,so over to you .
Regards.. Rod

This came from Rod Pittam, his mate Vivian Charles John Pilcher is holding the butterfly case. He (Pilcher) is living in Switzerland now

My School mate VCJ Pilcher

Hi David-Michael,
OK you can have a laugh at my expence or is it expense. Blame the teachers if you can not spell.
I suppose that it is not really not that bad. You might like to share this with the others on the web site.

Publish and be damned.

I started when I was 7 and left at 13. Yes I was a boarder.
I have been thinking about my time there since you lot resurrected the topic. I have written some anecdotal notes about the place. There were some very funny things happen. At some time when I get a bit of time to breath, as I am working flat out at the Minute, I shall write them out. I must say though it was not the happiest time of my life all in all.
Hope to see you at the next do.

David Ackroyd


Submitted by David Lyne-Gordon